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DAPserver PC-Based Test Products

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DAPserver network-ready system packages go anywhere

DAPserver Systems

DAPserver systems provide a computer system to house your Data Acquisition Processor (DAP) boards, manage your application, and connect to your sensors. All in a single chassis. It includes a built-in signal interface rack, signal connection panels, local data storage, ventilation, electrical shielding, and USB ports.

Use it with the DAP boards and signal interface boards of your choice.

Add an Ethernet cable and you have a remote data acquisition system. Add a keyboard, pointing device, and monitor and you have a complete on-site workstation, as well as a full-service data acquisition system.

DAPserver 720 : Analog backplane

DAPserver 720R : Analog backplane,
for rugged environments

DAPserver 722 : Digital backplane

DAPserver 722R : Digital backplane,
for rugged environments

The DAPserver Product Line

The DAPserver – and the DAPserver "R" models for rugged environments – serve as fully integrated test, measurement, and control products.

Built with experience gained over many years of integrating third-party hardware, these high-performance combined systems are now available as standard products, with the built-in value and quality engineering that go with all Microstar Laboratories systems.

Each DAPserver comes preloaded with Windows 10 Pro, ready for installation of application software. Options for Linux or a downgrade to Windows 7 are available.

A DAPserver mounts in an industry-standard 19-inch rack and includes SSD storage.

DAPcell client software can request data acquisition or control services, from DAP boards on any DAPserver, from any workstation connected to the same network. Input and output design conforms to Microstar Laboratories Channel Architecture.


Operating System: Windows 10, 32-bit or 64-bit
Processor: J1900 4 core processor platform, 2GHz
Memory: 4GB memory, DDR3
Storage: SSD, 500GB

Host Processor Bus

Each DAPserver contains a card cage accepting PCI-format cards, with pre-installed host bus backplane. Up to three Data Acquisition Processor (DAP) boards or iDSC (a specialized DAP with onboard analog filters) boards – depending on the model – can fit in the DAPserver.

The Hardware Side of Channel Architecture

A multiple-DAP measurement system could have several thousand analog and digital signals, both inputs and outputs. Hardware devices used for Channel Architecture bring signals into connectors on 3U (100mm high) Eurocard B (220mm deep) boards. Some expansion boards apply hardware-supported signal pre-processing in addition to simple signal termination.

Every new board now released is intelligent – it communicates with, and can be configured by, the onboard intelligence of the DAP connected to it.

All of these boards – other than DAP-to-backplane interfaces – offer one or more types of termination. They provide multiplexing, isolation, filtering, simultaneous sampling, signal conditioning, and other functions.

Each DAPserver contain a 10-slot card cage with Eurocard B-format dimensions and a pre-installed backplane. If you need more than ten of these expansion boards, you can connect to additional industrial enclosures.

Learn more about the expansion boards for multi-channel applications.

Networking with DAPservers

Channel Architecture does not stop at the signal connectors. It is a service architecture, that lets "server" nodes take care of the details of signal conditioning, collection and pre-processing, while leaving "client" nodes to manage data, coordinate processes, and update graphical data presentation displays for users.

The DAPserver system includes two GigaBit Ethernet network connections. Networking the DAPserver is no different and no harder than configuring PC workstations on any other local area network. The computer board also provides connectors for keyboard, mouse, and monitor, and you can use these to operate the DAPserver as a stand-alone system.

DAPcell Server Software

PID Configuration

Long-Run Engine Testing

Just Add Strain Gauges for Single-Box Solution

DAPcell server networking software makes the resources of all the data acquisition boards at its station available to any station running DAPcell client software on the same network connection.

DAPcell Client Software

Any station on the network can use DAPcell client networking software to start and stop processing, monitor progress, and receive resulting data sets from a Data Acquisition Processor board installed in any server station on the network. The network is transparent to your data acquisition and control application. You can access a networked DAP board as easily as you would select a printer.

User Interfaces

Client systems are free to run any kind of software system they wish, including major data presentation packages such as DASYLab or LabVIEW. Such systems are not required, however.

You can integrate data acquisition functions into your own custom software.

Or you can use DAP Measurement Studio (DAPstudio) to quickly configure applications that have straightforward data logging and display requirements.

Each DAPserver comes with DAPtools Professional – a software package that includes DAPcell, the Developer's Toolkit for DAPL, and a full version of DAPstudio – preloaded.

DAPserver, back view
Back view

DAPserver, front view
DAPserver — front view