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Anti-Alias Filtering for Data Acquisition Systems

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Anti-Alias Filtering: Remove aliases from your results

Stand-Alone Board - Eurocard Exposed
Sample System

Include one of these signal interface boards to add filtering – and other features – to your data acquisition hardware system.

Digitizing a signal destroys all evidence of any frequencies higher than half the sampling rate. Samples of these higher frequencies map exactly into their lower frequency aliases. You cannot detect any one of the higher frequencies in your sampled data. But you do detect each alias. And this corrupts your results.

A suitable analog filter, placed between a sensor and any analog-to-digital converter, effectively takes out unwanted higher frequencies.

MSXB 048: Filtered Analog Input Expansion Boards

MSXB 065: Signal Conditioning and Filtering Expansion Boards for Voltage Inputs

MSXB 067: Signal Conditioning and Filtering Expansion Boards for Resistive Sensors

See also the iDSC 1816, a specialized Data Acquisition Processor board that acquires signals through built-in analog and DSP anti-aliasing filters.

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iDSC 1816

DAP 840

DAP 5400a or DAP 5380a

All other a-Series DAP boards