Data Acquisition (DAQ) and Control from Microstar Laboratories

System Interconnections and Packaging

data acquisition filtering data acquisition software channel architecture enclosures services

Match packaging to deployment requirements

Complete coverage of termination, cabling, enclosure, and integrated server products.

Desktop and Lab Bench

single board enclosure

in electrically quiet, protected environment

access is important, reconfiguration frequent

shielding and protection secondary

Use component-level equipment and bench-top enclosures.

Instrumentation Rack

rack-mount enclosure

reliable packaging for production applications

support large-scale systems

environmental protection and shielding

integration with other instrumentation and controls

Use industrial rack-mounted enclosures.

Industrial Cell


OEM pre-integration of components

networked operation, or stand-alone workstation

terminations, acquisition, and host combined

built for harsh operating conditions

Use a DAPserver system, with integrated acquisition and networking ready to go.