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Analog Filter Products

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Acquire only the signals you need

Digitizing a signal destroys all evidence of any frequencies higher than half the sampling rate. Samples of these higher frequencies map exactly into their lower frequency aliases. You cannot detect any one of the higher frequencies in your sampled data. But you do detect each alias. And this corrupts your results.

A suitable analog filter, placed between a sensor and any analog-to-digital converter, effectively takes out unwanted higher frequencies. Microstar Laboratories offers two off-the-shelf implementations. The one to choose depends on the application.

iDSC 1816

iDSC board

For more advanced filter applications and those that require higher and variable cutoff frequencies, choose the iDSC 1816: a specialized DAP with onboard analog filters. The iDSC 1816 combines brick-wall anti-aliasing filters on each of 8 simultaneous channels with 16-bit data acquisition all on one board at a throughput of 1.2M samples per second: 153.6k samples per second on each of the 8 channels. It comes with DSCview software and with drivers for other Windows programs.

  • An iDSC 1816 board optically isolates its analog section from the PC.
  • An iDSC 1816 board supports application that require simultaneous sampling on up to 8 simultaneous inputs.
  • An iDSC 1816 board can work with others as a single synchronized system.

MSXB 048

MSXB 048

The simpler implementation, using the MSXB 048 Filtered Analog Input Expansion Boards in place of MSXB 037 Analog Input Expansion Boards, works with any a-Series DAP. Each of the sixteen input channels on an MSXB 048 board has its own analog filter built in. Nine models of the board offer nine different cutoff options: 100Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1kHZ, 2.5kHZ, 5kHZ, 10kHZ, 25kHZ, and 50kHZ.