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DAPtools for LabVIEW provides an easy-to-use interface for accessing the onboard processing power of a Data Acquisition Processor (DAP) board from within LabVIEW. A DAP gives LabVIEW data acquisition applications outstanding real-time performance, features, and reliability.

DAPtools for LabVIEW gives you graphical programming to interface with a DAP. Drop the DAP object on the LabVIEW diagram screen, wire it to a graph, and you are instantly up and running with a DAP application sampling one channel. Double click on the DAP object to customize its functionality. Add channels and real-time processing with standard DAPL commands to get the functionality you need.

Remember that LabVIEW is a programming language. You can take full advantage of LabVIEW programming features to access a DAP the way that suits your application best. DAPtools for LabVIEW comes with documentation and examples that help you get started. On-line help provides document documentation on each of the DAP objects and gives information for getting the most out of your application.

DAPtools for LabVIEW is designed to give LabVIEW users a straightforward way to supercharge their applications using a Data Acquisition Processor. Here is a sample list of the easy-to-modify examples provided with DAPtools for LabVIEW:

  • Basic one-channel example with graph
  • Multichannel example with DAP onboard digital filtering on each channel
  • High-speed disk logging example
  • Post-analysis example of data from a disk file
  • High-speed scanning example with triggering based on signal level
  • Real-time control example

DAPtools for LabVIEW is included with each DAPtools Standard package and DAPtools Professional package purchased. Contact us for more information.


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