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Your success matters to us. We make it our business to help you succeed in what you do; we

listen carefully to what you want to achieve,
show you, if we can, how to use our products to do that, and
support you while you work toward your goals.

You teach us; we respect you and thank you for that. We learn from you what to build into our business processes and products so that you find us even more helpful the next time you call on us.

Neil Fenichel
Microstar Laboratories, Inc.

Neil Fenichel, Ph.D., taught mathematics at Harvard and digital design at UBC before founding Microstar Laboratories in 1982.


Our customers cover almost all fields of industry and science, and range in size from one-person operations to Fortune 500 companies. They include a growing number of VARs and OEMs (Value Added Resellers and Original Equipment Manufacturers).

For customers large or small, reseller or end user, we offer a unique approach to PC-based data acquisition. You can see for yourself how some of our customers use this in their applications.


Microstar Laboratories produces a line of Data Acquisition Processor (DAP) boards, each with an onboard processor, memory, and a dedicated, multitasking, real-time operating system: DAPL. With this onboard intelligence, a DAP board can handle time-critical aspects of an application without any delays or resource demands imposed by Windows or by other software running on the PC.

Applications require onboard intelligence to run in real time under Windows. However, onboard intelligence also makes it much easier to implement applications requiring a high channel count, anti-aliasing, or synchronized integration over a network.

As well as providing DAPL software to run on DAP boards, we develop and ship PC software to support DAP boards in many user environments. All our design follows a channel architecture that makes it easy to connect our hardware to a large array of sensors and actuators.


Microstar Laboratories provides complete technical support to each customer. When you first call us, an application engineer examines how well our products fit your proposed application. If our products do not fit, we say so. If our products fit, we work with you until your application runs as planned.

Hardware and software engineers work with application engineers to provide the technical support you need to reach your goals.

To talk about your application, call us toll free in the United States, at 888 MSTARLABS (678-2752). Outside the United States, email us or contact one of our international distributors.

For more information, please register. You may also download our DAPtools Basic Software Package, including all of our product manuals.

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