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Data Acquisition Customer Case Studies

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How People Use DAP boards

Data Acquisition Processor (DAP) boards are well-suited to many applications. See how people around the world use DAPs in their applications.

train yard small imageProcess Control Systems Make Rail Yards Work Better

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Data Acquisition Critical to Imaging System that Monitors Brain Activity

Acoustic Imaging of Wake Vortices with Aeroacoustic Phased Arrays

SLControl: PC-Based Data Acquisition and Analysis for Muscle Mechanics

High Accuracy Turbine Rotor Measurements Save $150,000 Per Bad Part

Data Acquisition Processor Plays Role in Unique Infrastructure Monitoring System

Data Acquisition Technology Permits Fast Optical Recording for Studies of Causes of Sudden Cardiac Death

First Realistic Off-Vehicle Testing of Transmission Components

Data Acquisition Processor Helps Provide In-Place Diagnosis of Control Valves

pianoData Acquisition Technology Helps Further Improve Sound Quality of Pianos

Data Acquisition Processor Halves Cost of Multistation Auto Seat Tester

fishSonar Detection of Fish Size and Species in Real Time

planeTest Flight

headA Dummy with Brains

carDAP Application: Model Suspension System