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Integrated Instrumentation Systems

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Put the pieces together

Building a complex instrumentation system with most data acquisition products is like building a house with wood chips. Yes, it can be done, and the chips are certainly inexpensive. You just need lots of glue. But if you want the project to move quickly, you need fully developed system components that are ready for service.

Channel Architecture ensures that a broad range of hardware devices work together, with the DAPL System covering the low-level details of the acquisition process so that your front-end data management clients receive clean data, ready-to-use. This section describes how system components work together to make this happen.

Hardware Integration


Hardware Configurations using Channel Architecture
Take a look at some typical integrated hardware systems. Your application may be – or at least start out – very much like one of the shown configurations.



Test Engines with DAP Systems
Combine ordinary measurement, monitoring, and networking features of DAP board systems to make an extraordinary engine test system.


Power Harmonic Analysis - Easier and Better
Data Acquisition Processor boards tame what is ordinarily considered a difficult power system measurement problem.


Tech Note 256: Using MSXB-067 Bridge Interface Boards in Multi-Channel Vibration Applications
Get alias-free, multi-channel vibration measurements on a large structure using strain bridges and coordinated filtering.


Configuring high-performance PID
Simple configuration makes high-performance acquisition and signal generation hardware serve as a multi-channel control node.

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