Data Acquisition (DAQ) and Control from Microstar Laboratories

Software Techniques for Data Acquisition

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Use software most effectively

This section shows how to use the software components for channel architecture to make your system configuration as fast and easy as possible.

Software Tips and Techniques

Implementing Automatic Controls Using DAP Boards


Monitoring DAP Traffic with DAPcell
Use new features of the DAPcell Services for noninvasive diagnosis of configuration and capacity problems.


Audio Capture with Python
A combination of DAPL and Python processing can implement a minimal high-rate, multi-channel audio capture application that makes no compromise on data quality.


Capture Serial Data Without Extra Hardware
Use a spare input pin and extra DAP processor capacity to monitor data from a serial device such as a GPS receiver.


Sampling Techniques Extend Demodulation Bandwidth
Side effects of sampling – applied with care – can extend sensor demodulation beyond ordinary bandwidth limits.


Building PID Controls in Software
Learn how to implement basic and extended PID controls in software.


Packaging Multiple Commands
Package your processing commands, so that all of the special commands your application needs are installed together.


Tutorial on Custom Command Coding
Explore coding in depth for a state-driven custom command that processes position encoder signals.

DAPstudio icon

Configure Multiple-Channel Applications Efficiently with DAPstudio
The Auto-Increment feature of DAPstudio does more than increment numbers: it replicates data types, declarations, and tasks consistently.

DAPlog icon

Sample Effectively with DAPlog
The DAPlog program remains useful for running quick sample-and-log applications, or system validation checks on-the-fly.