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What's New with DAPtools Version 3.51

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(or see changes between versions 3.50 and 3.51, in earlier versions 3.40 and 3.41, or in earlier version 3.20)

New features for all DAPtools CDs 3.51

  • DAPL 2000 (2.08 to 2.50)
    • What's New in the latest DAPL 2000 Operating System release
    • Updated DAPL 2000 Reference manual to cover new DAPL services and DAP 5400a support syntax
    • Added DAPL 2000 Hardware Dependencies document
    • Fixed bug with iDSC 1816 when timing channels are enabled at 153,600 s/s and 102,400 s/s
  • iDSC Software (5.10 to 5.20)
    • New features for DSCIO.DLL
      • Supports setting timing channels graphically in DscConfigDialogShow through DscConfigDialogOptionsGet/Set
      • Supports changing display options in DscConfigDialogShow through DscConfigDialogOptionsGet/Set
      • Supports dynamic linking to DSCIO.DLL using DSCIOX.CPP
      • Made DAPL support standard with DscDaplTextGet/Set/LengthGet functions
      • Supports DscOnSystemErrorSet in Visual Basic
      • Corrected FileShareMode constants (incorrect only in version 5.10) for server disk logging in DSCIO.PAS, DSCIO.BAS, and DSCIO.H
    • New features for the iDSC Component
      • Supports setting timing channels graphically in ConfigDialogShow through ConfigDialogOptions
      • Supports changing display options in ConfigDialogShow through ConfigDialogOptions
      • Made DAPL support standard with DaplText property
    • New features for DSCview
      • Allows setting timing channels graphically
      • Returns timing channels to graph, table and disk log windows
    • New features for LabVIEW
      • Replaced wrapper DLL, DSCAPP.DLL, with MSLAPP.DLL
      • Integrated list of functions, subVIs and examples into one LabVIEW library file called DSC.LLB
      • Renamed examples so they all start with "App"
  • Linux support
    • Accel32 Server for Linux (1.01 to 1.02)
      • Supports GCC3
      • Supports Linux kernel 2.4.X up to 2.4.20 (RedHat Linux 9.0)
    • ACCEL PCI Driver for Linux (1.05 to 1.06)
      • Supports GCC3
      • Supports Linux kernel 2.4.X up to 2.4.20 (RedHat Linux 9.0)
  • New/updated documentation in help and PDF format
    • DAPL 2000 Reference
    • iDSC Boards
    • DAPtools for Agilent VEE
    • DAPtools for LabVIEW
    • DAPtools for MATLAB
    • DAP 4400a
    • MSXB 038
    • MSXB 048

New features for DAPtools Standard 3.51 and DAPtools Professional 3.51

  • DAPtools for Agilent VEE (1.02 to 2.00)
    • Works with Agilent VEE 6.00 or later
    • Renamed this package from DAPtools for HP VEE32 to DAPtools for Agilent VEE
    • Added support for these DAPIO32 functions: DapComPipeCreate, DapComPipeDelete, DapHandleQueryInt32, DapHandleQueryInt64, DapModuleInstall, DapModuleLoad, DapModuleUninstall, DapModuleUnload, DapOutputEmpty, DapPipeDiskFeed, DapPipeDiskLog
    • Added wrapper DLL, MSLAPP.DLL, to support DAPIO32 functions that use structures
    • Added pre-defined objects: Get Current Directory, Import Libraries, DAP Data Get, DAP Pipe Disk Log, DAP Create And Open Com Pipe, DAP Close And Delete Com Pipe, DAP Custom Command Download, DAP Module Install
    • Added two new examples: High Speed Pipe Disk Logging (App10) and Install Command Module (App11)
  • DAPtools for LabVIEW (2.10 to 2.11)
    • Fixed minor problem related to the path of the data file in example App11
    • Copying wrapper DLL, MSLAPP.DLL, to local installed directory of DAPtools for LabVIEW, instead of the Windows systems directory
  • DAPtools for MATLAB (4.01 to 4.02)
    • Increased efficiency of dapquery

Note: Version 3.51 provided two bug fixes for version 3.50. There was no other change between these two versions.


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