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If you are using a Legacy DAP board or an older version of Windows, you must use DAPtools 4.30.

Install DAPtools Basic 4.30

Upgrade DAPtools Standard 4.xx to 4.30

Upgrade DAPtools Professional 4.xx to 4.30

DAPtools Basic version 4.40, available here, supports Active DAP boards on Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2000. In addition to software – including DAPstudio – it contains all user manuals for all Microstar Laboratories hardware and software products. If you only need DAP Measurement Studio (DAPstudio), download it separately.

The entire DAPtools Basic software CD, version 4.40, may be downloaded after the following form is filled in.

After you complete the download: If you need the drivers for your board, select the Getting Started link from the Setup Launcher and follow the directions.

If you have DAPtools Standard or Professional, version 4.xx, you may upgrade to version 4.40. If you have an earlier version of DAPtools Standard or Professional, contact us to order a copy of the current DAPtools Standard or Professional CD.

DAPtools CDs were released April 19, 2007. Find out what is new in version 4.40.

Please enter the following information before downloading the 103 MB file. The email field is required, so that we can send the download location to you. We will also follow up to make sure that you were able to download the file successfully. Other fields are optional. Within a few minutes you will receive the DAPtools Basic 4.40 download URL by email.

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If you have any trouble downloading the file, contact the webmaster. If you have any trouble making the upgrade, contact the application engineering staff.

Read more about what is included in the different DAPtools packages or contact us to purchase a version 4.40 DAPtools Standard or DAPtools Professional CD. Contact us for a copy of DAPtools Basic sent by mail.