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Features include...

Input/output configurations

  • Graphically configure input and output hardware.
    • Select and number sub-ranges of channels for rapid channel configuration.
    • Generate basic waveforms (sine, cosine, square, triange, sawtooth) directly from menus.


  • Use DAPstudio to design advanced applications using onboard processing.
  • Use automatic code generation for large channel count systems.
  • Interactively design filters that run on your DAP board.

You now can develop and run complete PC-based data acquisition systems quickly and easily.


DAPstudio evaluation

DAPcell Basic Server for Windows

DSCview for Windows


Accel32 for Linux

DSCview for Linux

DAPlog Plus for Windows

DAPtools Basic

DAPtools Standard

DAPstudio complete

DAPcell Network Software

Developer's Toolkit for DAPL

Microstar Laboratories takes great pleasure in introducing DAP Measurement Studio (DAPstudio) to you. DAPstudio comes from an engineering commitment to develop products that give you each design tool you need, precisely when you need it, to create elegant and powerful data acquisition systems quickly and well. Some of the first-generation DAPstudio tools in particular address a long-felt need for a simple way to develop systems with high channel counts. Others address more general issues. All of them - and all future DAPstudio design tools - will make it easier for you to develop data acquisition applications that use onboard intelligence.

DAP Measurement Studio (DAPstudio), a PC application, provides user interface features without requiring any Windows programming. DAPstudio lets you develop applications quickly and easily, using the full DAPL command set. In most cases you really need no other software to develop and run any application.

DAPstudio can be used in addition to DAPview for Windows, based on what you want to achieve. DAPview for Windows controls the DAP board by sending it DAPL commands that you explicitly specify. DAPstudio also controls the DAP by sending it DAPL commands. With DAPstudio, however, you implicitly specify predefined sets of commands simply by navigating a graphical interface. The actual DAPL commands can remain out of sight.

To see examples of the interface, take a look at how the input pipes and system are configured and how processing procedures are generated.

The DAPstudio Manual provides a ready set of sample applications. Pick a sample application that comes close to what you want to do and use it as a springboard to get down to work right away with DAPstudio. Try out the auto-increment feature. In the DAPstudio manual, the example can be found at "App0406 Duplicate Commands With Auto-Increment Parameters."

Tested applications also can be rounded out with a GUI written in Visual Basic.

The DAPtools Professional software bundle includes a full license for DAPstudio. If you have bought DAPtools Standard or DAPtools Basic, please use the DAPstudio evaluation software as often as you wish. When you decide to use DAPstudio in your regular work, buy a full license.

Note: With DAPstudio you can, if you want to, see all the commands it creates for you, and you can copy them to paste elsewhere. You also can paste any processing commands you wish into DAPstudio. However, you cannot paste in input definitions and output definitions as DAPstudio creates these for you. In the event that you want to create these definitions yourself, without using the DAPstudio design tools, you will have to use other software - like DAPview for Windows - to communicate with your DAP board. In all other cases, use DAPstudio.

You can try DAP Measurement Studio (DAPstudio) without a DAP board installed. When you want to use the software with a DAP, note that DAPstudio 3.00 supports all PCI DAP boards, including iDSC 1816, when they are installed under current versions of Windows.


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