Data Acquisition (DAQ) and Control from Microstar Laboratories

DAPL 4 Operating System

data acquisition filtering data acquisition software channel architecture enclosures services

DAPL version 4 is the 16-bit version of the DAPL operating system. It is optimized for the 186-class processors used by some Data Acquisition Processors. DAPL 4 supports both 16-bit built-in commands and 16-bit custom commands.

DAPL 4 can be used with some 486-class Data Acquisition Processors, but we suggest that these DAPs use DAPL 2000. DAPL 4 is compatible with the following Data Acquisition Processors:

The current version is DAPL 4.48 rev 1.

DAPL 2000 is the 32-bit version of the DAPL operating system.

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