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DAP 820


The DAP 820 is now Obsolete. For higher performance at a lower cost, upgrade your system for one of the PCI-bus DAP boards: the DAP 840.

If you need spare parts for a DAP 820 system, compatible items are available.

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The DAP 820/103 is an excellent choice for applications where there is a need for moderate real-time triggering, averaging, control, interpolation, or many other functions, but no need for high-speed FFTs or other computationally intensive operations.

The DAP 820 model:

  • has an on-board Intel 80C186XL 20 MHz processor
  • works with the 16-bit ISA bus for x86/Pentium industry-standard PC platforms
  • transfers data at high rates--up to 312k samples per second
  • allows fast real-time processing
  • offers low latency--1 ms per task--for fast response
  • samples analog or digital inputs at rates up to 312k samples per second
  • updates two analog outputs at rates up to 312k samples per second each
  • updates digital outputs at rates up to 312k samples per second

The DAP820 provides all the standard DAPL commands available on other boards, performing them at rates appropriate for lower speed applications.

DAP 820/103 Specifications

General Specifications
Dimensions : 13.33 inches x 4.8 inches
Weight : 9.3 oz
Power requirements : +5V, 2.3 Amps
Operating temperature : 0-50 degrees Celsius
Accuracy of crystal clocks : 50 parts per million
Type of A/D converter : Successive Approximation

Analog Inputs : 8
Expandable to : 32
Voltage Ranges : -0 to +5 volts, -5 to +5 volts, -10 to +10 volts
Samples* : 312 kS/s
Time increment : 200 nanoseconds
Maximum Gain** : 500
ADC Resolution : 12 bits
Digital Inputs : 8 synchronous
Samples : 312 kS/s

Analog Outputs : 2
Voltage Ranges : -5 to +5 volts, -10 to +10 volts, 0 to +10 volts
Updates per onboard channel : 312 kS/s
DAC Resolution : 12 bits
Digital Outputs : 8
Updates : 312 kS/s

80C186XL-Clock Speed : 20 MHz
Onboard Operating System : DAPL
RAM : 1 MBytes

PC Interface Specifications
PC Interface : Dual 1024-byte high-speed BiFIFO
PC Transfer Mode : I/O Interrupt
Samples transferred*** : 312 kS/s

DSP Onboard DSP emulation : yes

* Crystal-controlled, with 12-bit A/D resolution
** Top sampling speeds are available only with gain=1. Gains of 10, 100, and 500 are also available.
*** Benchmarked rates vary with PC platform.

Obtain additional information from Technical Note 209:Technical Product Information for the DAP 820 (28k PDF file).

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