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A Data Acquisition Processor is capable of simultaneously running sophisticated real-time data capture, data processing, and signal generation tasks, under control of the DAPL operating system. The DAPL system supports a broad range of hardware, timing, and processing configurations, and provides a library of built-in processing functions for data selection, conversion and on-line analysis tasks.

This versatility is made accessible through a very powerful, high-level scripting language. The configuration commands are typically organized as text files and downloaded to the DAPL system, as needed, by a software application. A single command line in the DAPL configuration script is the equivalent of hundreds of lines in most programming or scripting languages.

Designing a data acquisition and control application means communicating to the Data Acquisition Processor exactly how it is to behave during the application. DAPL makes communication easy by providing over 100 easy-to-use commands optimized for data acquisition. An application uses as few as six task-definition commands. DAP Measurement Studio (DAPstudio) makes it easy to build input definitions and basic processing definitions.

Software that runs on the PC facilitates communication allowing the user to send DAPL commands directly to the Data Acquisition Processor. The PC-resident software processes the results of data acquisition by displaying, logging, or otherwise processing the acquired data. Although some PC-resident software requires no knowledge of DAPL commands, there is always a DAPL command file that precisely controls and documents the data acquisition application.

DAPL 2000, version 2.53, is compatible with the following PCI Data Acquisition Processor boards:

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