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DAPcell Local Server

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Your access tool for local data acquisition

DAPcell Local Server provides straightforward access to each DAP board and xDAP system at your local machine, in concert with the DAPcell Client software. It is available with each DAPtools Standard purchase.

All versions of DAPcell, including DAPcell Local Server, automatically provide data buffering services and device driver functions. These are isolated and not directly accessible from application software.

DAPcell Local Server adds features for direct disk feeds and data logging, for highly optimized transfers without intervention by application software.

Features of DAPcell Local Server

  • With direct disk feeds and data logging, the user gets high-speed at-the-server disk logging. (DAPcell Local Server and DAPcell Server only)
  • A Control screen provides user control over the local DAPcell server, such as starting and stopping the server, adjusting the server's execution priority, or altering the permission level for remote clients to control the server.
  • A Browser screen allows users to search for, display, configure, and control the Data Acquisition Processors and their servers installed on a local machine
  • A Disk I/O screen lets users control the disk I/O behavior of DAPcell and DAPcell Local servers. A user can specify default disk I/O directories and their network shares or alter the remote disk I/O permission level.
  • A Mapping screen provides easy user access to a utility program that helps create mappings between pre-defined DAPcell DAP names and customized names.
  • The Modules screen provides users with easy control over installation of DAPL downloadable modules, many of which are available in the DAPtools Standard software package purchase. (Package with DAPcell Local Server)
  • A Tools screen provides access to utilities that help diagnose the behavior of each included Data Acquisition Processor, such as checking the current consumption level of memory.

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