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Differential Analog Inputs: MSXB 060 & MSXB 061

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When you need many analog inputs

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DAP 5216a

DAP 5200a

DAP 5016a

DAP 5000a

DAP 4000a

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These Analog Input Expansion Boards provide differential analog inputs. MSXB 060 offers 32 differential inputs per board. MSXB 061 offers 64 differential inputs per board. Up to 4 MSXB 061 Analog Input Expansion Boards can be connected to a single DAP board for 256 differential analog inputs. Multiple DAP boards can be used for higher channel count systems.

The system shown in the photo includes 4 MSXB 061 boards in a half-size enclosure connected to a DAP board: 256 channels of differential input, in a single package.

The MSXB 060 and MSXB 061 provide analog input expansion for Analog Backplane systems. The Analog Input Expansion Board is compatible with the MSXB 030-01 and MSXB 031-01 Analog Backplanes.

Industrial Enclosure Compatible Options

  • MSXB060-01-E2R: 32 differential analog inputs, right angle HD78 connector
  • MSXB061-01-E2S: 64 differential analog inputs, 2 right angle HD78 connectors

See Also: MSXB 048: Filtered Analog Input Expansion and MSXB 037 Analog Input Expansion Board

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