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Quadrature Decoder Board: MSXB 050

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When you need quadrature decoded

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The MSXB 050 Quadrature Decoder Board allows a Data Acquisition Processor to read quadrature-encoded signals through its digital port. Quadrature-encoded signals are often used to measure the angular velocity and angular position of wheels, gears, and motors.

The Quadrature Decoder Board has four input channels. Each channel can measure quadrature-encoded signals with frequencies up to 1 MHz. The board has a counter resolution of 16 bits, and can be extended to 32 bits with software. Up to six Quadrature Decoder Boards can be used in a system for a total of 24 channels.

There are several cabling options for the MSXB 050 Quadrature Decoder Boards. MSXB 050 may be connected to a DAP using various 100-line cabling options, or can be installed into a Digital Backplane.

Bare Board Options

  • MSXB050-01-C3Z: DB25 and Wago input connections, 100-line shielded D-style connector
  • MSXB050-01-K3Z: DB25 and Wago input connections, 100-line unshielded square connector

Single-Board Enclosure Option

  • MSXB050-01-C3F: DB25 and Wago input connections, 100-line shielded D-style connector, DB25 end panel

Industrial Enclosure Compatible Option

  • MSXB050-01-E3M: DB25 and Wago input connections, 100-line backplane DAP-interface connector, DB25 front panel

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