Data Acquisition (DAQ) and Control from Microstar Laboratories

Analog Backplane Interface: MSXB 029

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DAP 5400a

DAP 5380a

DAP 5216a

DAP 5200a

DAP 5016a

DAP 5000a

DAP 4000a

Technical Note 184

The Microstar Laboratories Analog Backplane Interface Board, part number MSXB 029, interfaces the Analog Backplane with a Data Acquisition Processor. The Analog Backplane Interface Board must be installed in the Analog Backplane to connect the backplane to a Data Acquisition Processor.

One Analog Backplane Interface Board is required for each Analog Backplane.

The Analog Backplane Interface Board requires cable MSCBL 040-01 or MSCBL 041-xx.

Available Options

  • MSXB 029-03-E2A
  • MSXB 029-04-E2A (External Power)