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Simultaneous Sampling: MSXB 028

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When you need high channel-count simultaneous sampling

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DAP 5400a

DAP 5380a

DAP 5216a

DAP 5200a

DAP 5016a

DAP 5000a

DAP 4000a/212

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Technical Note 180

Simultaneous Sampling Boards are used in multichannel spectral analysis and other applications that require simultaneous acquisition of several channels. The MSXB 028 usually is used for applications that require interchannel phase measurements such as applications that perform transfer function computations. This board eliminates phase error introduced by sequential sampling.

Up to 16 boards can be connected to a DAP for a total of 256 channels. The MSXB 028 is a 12-bit board. If you need 16-bit simultaneous sampling, take a look at the iDSC 1816.

The a-Series Simultaneous Sampling Board requires cable MSCBL 040-01 or MSCBL 041-xx.

Bare Board Options

  • MSXB028-01-A2Z: Wago terminals
  • MSXB028-02-A2Z: Wago terminals, external power
  • MSXB028-03-A2Z: screw terminals
  • MSXB028-04-A2Z: screw terminals, external power
  • MSXB028-05-A2Z: Wago terminals, vertical input connector

Single-Board Enclosure Options

  • MSXB028-01-A2A: Wago terminals, enclosed, 68-line termination panel
  • MSXB028-05-A2C-B: Wago terminals, enclosed, 20 insulated BNC termination panel, vertical input connector
  • MSXB028-05-A2Y: Wago terminals, enclosed, blank termination panel, vertical input connector

Industrial Enclosure Compatible Options

  • MSXB028-01-E2A: Wago terminals, 68-line termination panel
  • MSXB028-05-E2C-B: Wago terminals, 20 insulated BNC termination panel, vertical input connector
  • MSXB028-05-E2Y: Wago terminals, blank termination panel, vertical input connector

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