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MSXB 022 : 16-Bit Analog Output Expansion

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Available only by special order. For all new systems, use one of the following instead.

  • MSXB 076 (Channel-to-Channel Isolated 16-Bit Analog Output Signal Interface Modules, Eight Channels)
  • MSXB 075 (Channel-to-Channel Isolated 16-Bit Analog Output Signal Interface Modules, Four Channels)
  • MSXB 056 (16-Bit Analog Output Expansion Boards)

MSXB022 photo

DAP 5216a

DAP 5200a

DAP 5016a

DAP 5000a

DAP 4000a

The MSXB 022 16-bit Analog Output Expansion Board provides 4 additional analog outputs with 16-bit resolution. Up to 16 Analog Output Expansion Boards can be connected to a single DAP for a total of 64 additional output channels.

MSXB 022 requires cable MSCBL  036-01. Two or more units may be daisy-chained on cable MSCBL 036-xx.

Obtain additional information from Technical Note 170: MSXB 022 Analog Output Expansion Board (29K PDF file).

Available Options

  • MSXB 022-05: Wago connection points
  • MSXB 022-06: screw terminals

Also compatible with Obsolete ISA boards: DAP 1200a, DAP 1216a, DAP 3000a, DAP 3200a, and DAP 3216a.