Data Acquisition (DAQ) and Control from Microstar Laboratories

Digital Input/Output Expansion: MSXB 013

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Recommended for all new systems: MSXB 038 Digital Expansion Board

MSXB013 photo

DAP 5216a

DAP 5200a

DAP 5016a

DAP 5000a

DAP 4000a

The MSXB 013 Digital Input/Output Expansion Board expands 16 digital input lines and 16 digital output lines to 64 digital input lines and 64 digital output lines.

Multiple Digital Input/Output Expansion Boards can be connected to a single DAP for a total of 128 digital input lines and 1024 digital output lines. Input expansion is at a maximum with two MSXB 013 boards (128 points). Output can be expanded to 1024 points by connecting 16 MSXB 013 boards to a single DAP.

MSXB 013 requires cable MSCBL 036-01. Two or more units require MSCBL 036-xx, a multi-drop daisy-chain cable.

Available Option

  • MSXB 013-04

Also compatible with Obsolete ISA boards: DAP 1200a, DAP 1216a, DAP 3000a, DAP 3200a, and DAP 3216a.