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Analog Termination, DB37 Connector: MSTB 011

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The MSTB 011 Analog Termination Board allows quick and secure connection of discrete wires to an MSXB 048 or other signal interface board with a DB-37 connector. Through the signal interface board, the signals connect to a Data Acquisition Processor system. MSTB 011 may provide up to 16 analog input connections and two analog output connections, but the number is dependent upon on the signal interface board it is connected to.

MSTB 011 includes locations to install voltage divider resistors and 0-20mA termination resistors.

Bare Board Options

These bare board models require cable MSCBL 040-01 or MSCBL 041-01.

  • Model MSTB 011-01: Wago connection points, DB-37 connector
  • Model MSTB 011-02: screw terminal connection points, DB-37 connector