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DAPtools for Agilent VEE

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Agilent VEE is the most productive language for test and measurement applications. It is widely used on powerful VXI systems under Unix, and is also popular on engineering workstations. The Windows version, Agilent VEE for Windows, brings this emerging standard in graphical programming to the PC platform.

Agilent VEE for Windows now can take advantage of a power boost to the PC from a Data Acquisition Processor. DAPtools for Agilent VEE makes this possible.

DAPtools extends the range of Agilent VEE by bringing onboard intelligence to an application. The time-critical real-time components of an application can run on a DAP on its onboard processor. Access to this onboard intelligence frees an application from the effects of random delays imposed by Windows, Agilent VEE itself, or other software running on the PC at the same time.

Pass/Fail Analyzer
Pass/Fail Analyzer

The main component of DAPtools for Agilent VEE is a library of Agilent VEE User Objects that relate to using a DAP.

Installing DAPtools for Agilent VEE modifies the main menu of Agilent VEE to include an item named DAP. All the objects that relate to a DAP are accessed from a drop-down menu item and can be placed in the current workspace just like any other Agilent VEE object.

Signal Measurement Example (small)
Signal Measurement Example


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