Data Acquisition (DAQ) and Control from Microstar Laboratories

DAPL - the Onboard Operating System

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DAPL - the onboard OS

More about DAPL and how you can use it to build a quality application.

  • controlled through Windows or Linux on a PC
  • performs in real time on dedicated processor on DAP
  • multitasking data capture and real-time processing
  • 100+ standard commands optimized for data acquisition
  • tools available to create application-specific modules

DAPL runs on a DAP board. Users normally control DAPL through Windows on a PC, either locally or over a network, with a Windows application like Visual Basic, with a third-party product like LabVIEW or with DAPstudio.

When you design an application, you specify to DAPL how the DAP board should perform during the application. You choose some combination of as few as six task-definition commands from the many available. You can do this from a Windows application that you may already know, or you can do it easily from DAPstudio.

A combination selected from the hundred or so standard DAPL commands will let you use a DAP board for almost any application. Some applications, however, run better or faster with customized extensions to the standard command set.

Enhancements to DAPL now allow you to create and package a set of additional commands as an application-specific DAPL module, automatically downloaded to the DAP board when you boot up the PC. These enhancements streamline customization of your application.