Data Acquisition (DAQ) and Control from Microstar Laboratories

Network-Ready Data Acquisition Packaged in a Single Box

Real-Time Response: Free from Local or Network Delays

Microstar Laboratories uses this image to illustrate the August 29, 2007 press release.

Microstar Laboratories suggests this text to go with the available image:

For a conveniently packaged, network-ready data acquisition system that protects your application from local and network-related delays, and that lets you start development right away, take a look at the new DAPserver 400 from Microstar Laboratories, shown here controlled from DAPstudio. You can download a full version of DAPstudio at no charge for an unlimited trial. Trying out DAPstudio on your own PC will give you a sense of how quickly and easily you could develop an application based on one or more DAPservers.

Download 2.26MB TIFF.

DAPserver 400