DAPstudio: Express yourself with onboard intelligence.

DAPstudio custom display windows
DAPstudio processing windows

DAPstudio iconDAPstudio gives you immediate results. It lets you see your signals – and log data acquired – on any Data Acquisition Processor (DAP) board in your PC. And it plays back your recorded signals on demand.

DAPstudio also acts as a no-coding-required development environment for creating applications with onboard intelligence. It hands you each design tool you need, exactly when you need it. It helps you quickly build an elegant and powerful end product.

If your application could include

and you want the options of

then you have even more reason to use DAPstudio.

With DAPstudio you can set up runtime behavior that processes acquired data right on the board and responds in real time as needed.

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When you use the design tools you implicitly specify DAPL commands that define runtime behavior. You do not need to look at these commands, but you can. And you can modify them. Saving them documents your project.

Use a sample application as a starting point. The documentation includes several. Take a look at some of them.