Embedded performance, desktop simplicity

DTD Support features

  • Special data types
  • Standard library extensions
  • Input and output streams
  • Filtering and transforms
  • Feedback controls
  • Text stream formatting
  • Task coordination
  • Configuration queries

System Requirements

You will need all of the following.


The DTD provides lots of sample code, and we might have other code that you could use to get started. Microstar Laboratories works with modules every day. You may find it advantageous to have us help you structure your first application. Call us and ask.

Identifying processing tasks

What are the application data sources and destinations? Are they stable values, intermittent messages, or continuous streams? How are results delivered? When you have identified a process that can operate independently to consume well-defined input data to produce well-defined output data, you are ready to develop a DAPL processing command.


To build the module code:

For more information about the C++ coding, please continue on to the Coding Page.