Complete DAPL documentation available

You can download the complete user's guide manuals for the DAPL 2000 and DAPL 3000 systems in PDF file format.


A quick listing of chapters from the DAPL Manual Table of Contents follows.

DAPL 2000 Manual

Section I. Overview

  1. Introduction
  2. Introduction to DAPL
  3. System Commands
  4. Element Definition Commands
  5. Input and Output Configuration Commands
  6. Task Definition Commands
  7. Task Definition Using DAPL Expressions
  8. Voltages and Number Representations
  9. Data Transfer
  10. Processor and Memory Allocation
  11. Optimizing Processor Performance
  12. Overflow and Underflow
  13. Low Latency Operation
  14. DAPL Software Triggering
  15. Digital Filtering
  16. Fast Fourier Transform

Section II. Command Reference

DAPL3000The DAPL 3000 manual includes two important new chapters.

DAPL 3000 Manual

  1. Prioritized Multitasking
  2. Sampling and Updating