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Q10084 Importing data from DAPstudio into Excel

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Applies to: DAPstudio

How can I import the data acquired in DAPstudio into Excel?

There are two ways to move the data from DAPstudio to Excel - log data in text format and copy-and-paste from table.

  • Text Data File

    DAPstudio can log data to a file in binary or text format. Logging in text format allows the data file to be imported into Excel. DAPstudio writes the data of multiple channels in tab-delimited columns.

    The example App0102 for DAPstudio shows how to sample and log two channels to a disk file.

  • Data from Table

    By default DAPstudio displays on a table the data the DAP sends back to the PC. Follow the steps below to get all the data on the table for cut-and-paste into Excel.

    1. Go to the DiskLog window in DAPstudio and specify an 'Output File'. The format should be binary.
    2. Go to the Table window. At the menu, select Table Options | Connect To and choose 'Disk Log: [filename]'. This connects the table to the binary log file to which DAPstudio writes data. The table will have all the data from the file.
    3. Start DAPstudio to acquire data and log data to disk. Stop when done.
    4. Go to the Table window. Hit Ctrl+A to select all and then Ctrl+C to copy the contents to clipboard.
    5. Start a worksheet in Excel. Hit Ctrl+V to paste the copied data.

    Refer to example App1301 for other options on copying data from the DAPstudio table to Excel.