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Q10056 Use your DAP system with newer Linux kernel versions

Tags: Help, Linux, kernel, update

Applies to: Linux, DAP

Can I use my DAP system with Linux kernel 2.6.20?

This material was placed into the public domain and submitted by a contributor who wishes to remain anonymous. It is being made available as of May 5, 2010.

The patch is for kernel 2.6.20, but may be used to get DAP Linux support working in other 2.6.xx kernels.

There have been no fundamental changes either to DAP or Linux systems that should cause the DAP software for older Linux kernel versions to fail in any fundamental way. If you have a newer kernel version and can patch the old code so that it compiles under your that Linux version, it is likely to work fine.

The patch fixes a few things in the driver:

  • One of the system calls in the accel32_fops structure maps to the wrong system call. The patch fixes this and introduces a safer way to write the pointer assignments in the structure.
  • The "struct pt_regs *" parameter to the interrupt_handler function was removed (version 2.6.20?).
  • Fixes a misspelled printout.
  • Include directive for <linux/config.h> removed since that file disappeared in version 2.6.19.

Important note: There still is a bug in the driver where it will cause a kernel crash if the user application attempts to open a card that does not exist in the system.

Download the Linux patch for Accel32 1.03.1.