Data Acquisition (DAQ) and Control from Microstar Laboratories

White Paper: Implementing Automatic Controls on a Windows PC

Using an Onboard Real-Time Operating System

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Bellevue, WA, September 17, 2007 -- You now can review a white paper on when and how to implement automatic controls on a Windows PC. A PDF version of the complete document is also available for download.

You can develop and operate a real-time control system under Windows by using a Data Acquisition Processor (DAP) board from Microstar Laboratories, Inc. Every DAP board includes an onboard processor running a real-time operating system. DAPstudio – a Windows application from Microstar Laboratories – lets you communicate with and control this real-time operating system. You also can do this from third party (or your own) applications. Any software that supports DLL calls can communicate with and control the real-time operating system that runs on every DAP board.

There are limitations to PC-based systems like this, of course. The white paper details them. Within these limitations, the approach described provides a reliable platform for the implementation of control methods that would be very difficult or very expensive to deliver any other way. Such systems might implement advanced control methods, require special data analysis, or operate on a scale beyond the capabilities of ordinary control devices.

Scope of the White Paper

The white paper points out where you can apply DAP technology and where other approaches may be a better fit. It discusses how hardware affects system performance and how software does. It goes into how to assure response times and how to measure actual performance limits. It covers time-critical and preparatory processing and explores the issues involved in managing complex event-driven systems. It lists different control strategies in common use and describes what to expect when you implement them on the DAP hardware platform. It concludes with examples that illustrate the technical benefits that come with applying DAP technology.

The Next Step

To find out more, take a look at the white paper itself. You can review it online and download a PDF version to refer to later.

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Implementing Automatic Controls Using Data Acquisition Processor Boards

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