DAPL 3000

DAPL3000 iconThe current version of the DAPL 3000 system is version 2.10. It is compatible with the following xDAP Data Acquisition Processor systems:

xDAP 7420

xDAP 7410

xDAP 7400


DAPL 2000

The current version of the DAPL 2000 system is version 2.56. It is compatible with the following a-series PCI Data Acquisition Processor boards:

DAP 5216a
DAP 5200a
DAP 5016a
DAP 5000a

DAP 5400a
DAP 5380a
DAP 4400a

DAP 4200a
DAP 4000a
DAP 840

iDSC 1816

Older Data Acquisition Processor boards with ISA bus interfaces are now obsolete. See the support policy for obsolete products. For these boards, you must use earlier versions of the DAPL system. Copies are available on request.

Developer's Tookit for DAPL

For developing embedded processing that is fully compatible with both the DAPL 3000 system and the DAPL 2000 system, use Developer's Toolkit for DAPL version 5.10 or later. Custom commands compiled using earlier versions of the Developer's Toolkit for DAPL will still work with DAPL 3000, but not all of the features of DAPL 3000 will be available.