Expandability for Large Channel Count Systems

Simple data acquisition hardware matches well to simple data acquisition problems, but Data Acquisition Processors match well for harder, larger problems. Projects often find themselves in trouble when they commit prematurely to simple acquisition hardware, then later face severe difficulties trying to make all of the software and devices work together. Any initial savings are wiped out many times over fighting the problems.

In contrast, the Data Acquisition Processor architecture is intended for expansion, versatility, and multiple channel applications. Channel counts can be expanded for one Data Acquisition Processor board, and beyond that, expanded to multiple synchronized boards. As far as a Data Acquisition Processor is concerned, your signals are just one big multiplexed data stream, and DAPL knows how to process data streams.

With hardware expansion channels, you can capture multiple signals as easily as one. Simply connect your expansion devices, and configure your Data Acquisition Processor to receive data from more channels.