DAPL – DSP Spectral Analysis

The spectral analysis commands in the DAPL system can operate on any data type at real-time rates, with options for presenting the results.

Calculate a Discrete Fourier Transform of data blocks up to 16K terms using the efficient Cooley-Tukey algorithm, with options for forward and backward transforms, windowing, and post-transform processing to complex numbers, magnitude/phase, or power spectral density.
Calculate a forward Discrete Fourier Transform over a narrow band of frequencies, using an efficient Goertzel filtering algorithm, with all of the relevant features of the FFT command.
Calculate Discrete Fourier Transforms with unusual data block sizes, extreme precision, and complete control of processing options, using the classic Singleton mixed-radix FFT algorithm.
Use FFT methods to compute an efficient cross-correlation for blocks of data from two signals.
Use FFT methods to compute crosspower spectra for blocks of data from two signals.
Calculate amplitude gain in decibels and phase shift in radians at each frequency, given the transforms of the input and output signals, with choice of algorithms.

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