Configure your processing procedure

DAPstudio processing procedure window DAPstudio declaration window

Use DAPstudio to design advanced applications with the onboard processing power of DAPL. DAPL is a software system running on each Data Acquisition Processor (DAP) board, supporting all acquisition, transfer, and configuration control functions. A library of over 100 pre-defined commands makes configuration of onboard processing easy – even easier when DAPstudio fully understands these commands, prompts you for required information, and collects them for you automatically.

DAPstudio provides automatic declaration of all DAPL elements that the processing needs: pipes, variables, constants, triggers...

Rapidly generate DAPL processing for large numbers of channels using the advanced paste/increment/copy command. See how the auto-increment feature works.

The processing configuration provides live in-place help on commands as you type them, with full DAPL manual help for every command accessible through the F1 key.