Log to disk with confidence

DAPstudio disk logging window

Disk logging is the simplest way to transfer data streams to disk storage, under direct control of an application program. You can let DAPstudio log your data to establish performance benchmarks for the application software that will eventually support your application. Or, if you just need to collect data for study, you can omit other application software and let DAPstudio manage your data collection and logging.

DAPstudio includes highly efficient built-in disk logging. Based on the proven DAPlog Plus optimized disk logging technology, it can easily log to disk continuously at 5M s/s on an ordinary modern PC. For this, you need nothing more than standard EIDE/ATA 133 or SATA hard drives. On any but the very fastest DAP boards, such as the DAP 5400a, DAPstudio can log to disk continuously at maximum data rates.

So, for your data logging, just select your channels and go. DAPstudio handles efficient logging and getting your data on to disk, while the onboard processing of DAPL on the DAP board guarantees that you never lose any data due to ordinary Windows induced delays.