View and export your configurations

DAPstudio DAPL listing window

Even if you plan to do your development in LabVIEW, DASYLab, Visual C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, C++Builder, etc., use DAPstudio first. Have you ever tried connecting two independent software systems that are supposed to interact but they don't? Unfortunately, that is how things seem to go much of the time. Which system is not operating as expected? Or maybe there is a problem with the communications link?

Using DAPstudio, you can independently configure and validate the communications link and the onboard processing. You can independently test your data capture, signal generation, onboard processing, measurement accuracy, and process timing. Once these are known to work correctly, when your purpose-built application supplies exactly the same DAPL configuration, you know that your application will get exactly the same results. That eliminates 2/3 of the uncertainty; match up your software system, and everything works together.

The DAPL Listing tab shows you a comprehensive listing of all configuration commands for your application. When the Start! menu item is selected, these are the commands that DAPstudio sends to the DAPL system for configuring the Data Acquisition Processor and onboard processing. You will get exactly the same results whether these commands come from DAPstudio or from the software environment of your choice.

While the contents of the DAPL Listing tab are not directly editable, you can transfer the command listing to other software environments using a simple cut-and-paste. Or choose to Save the DAPL Listing and open it in another application.